The thief is the unwanted of towns and cities around Krynn. Using skilled techniques and stealthy movement, they are masters of relieving travelers of hard won coins or treasure. Often belonging to thieving syndicates, they prefer to steal for their living rather than try hard work. Most thieves know their patch inside out, and are very adept at sneaking around streets and generally hiding from their victims, or town watchmen!

Their stealth can be advantageous in fights. They often resort to striking their opponents while they are unaware. Their mastery of the art of deception makes them a useful member of any group, helping their companions unlock the secrets of Krynn. But beware, for thieves often work for their own benefits.

Thieves value dexterity above all other attributes. A thief, to a lesser degree, values strength and health.

Early Skills:

backstab bludgeons hide
long blades miscellaneous piercers
short blades sneak case
dodge plant pick

Allowable Races: Human, Half-elf, Silvanesti, Kagonesti, Hylar dwarf, Theiwar dwarf, Hill dwarf, Gully dwarf, Kender, Goblin, Dargonesti

Alignment Restrictions: none