Half Elf

The half-elves of Krynn are the offspring of human and elven parents and due to this mixed heritage they are frowned upon by both cultures. Half-elves strongly resemble their elven parent, but unlike the elven race, males can grow facial hair. They are slightly taller and somewhat stockier than most elves. Half-elves inherit the dexterity of their elven parents.

Since most are raised in an atmosphere of shame, half-elves tend to be insecure, which often leads to rebellious or anti-social behavior. Most half elves are natural leaders but few feel worthy of the responsibility or are given the opportunity. All half-elves are loners - brooding, quiet, and struggling with self doubt.

Note that despite what elves are like in fantasy books and other games, elves are not long lived here. They have the same lifespan as humans.

Classes Available to half elves: Warrior, Paladin, Dark knight, Thief Scout, Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Magic user

Alignment Restrictions: none

Half-Elf Key Attributes: Charisma

Racial Bonus: Half-Elves receive improved regeneration rate