March 14 2024

                      You've all been deleted.

       The new wipe will begin Friday, March 15 2024 at 23:00 UTC.

This wipe is focused entirely on creation and bugfixes while we work on
major code changes and future planning.  Some of our current code work is
extensive and will require more months of development.  In the meantime,
the immortal staff is continuing to focus on many bug and typo fixes in our
zones.  Thanks to all who submitted bug, idea, and typo reports last wipe!

* A new "Renegade Wizard” zone has been added.  Renegades conceal their 
  location to avoid detection, and vary in strength.  Travel to the Tower 
  of Wayreth to learn more.

* Caergoth has been added as a starting town. Several changes have been made 
  to the area to support this, including:

    -- A significantly expanded and easier to find sewer area, complete with 
       infinitely respawning mobs for player levels 1-5.
    -- Several new experience areas for player levels 6-10 of good or neutral
       alignments, and a zonelet for evil adventurers.
    -- All merchants / shops one would expect to find in a normal major city,
       including rank and world merchants.
    -- Guildmasters for all guilds.
    -- Additionally, several mobs that tracked down and killed evil 
       characters were removed to support these changes.

* Rumors have been swirling around Caergoth that a small encampment of ravaged
  Solamnic knights has been spotted east of the town near the Solvin River.
  Evil aligned explorers (6-10) may experience glee in ending these soldiers' 
  misfortunes and misery.

* A new multi-zone quest has been added to the world for savvy adventurers
  to discover.

* Castle Crownguard, a large area situated in the mountain ranges of the
  southern Solamnic plains, is now accessible, though only the hardiest
  adventurers (25-30) should attempt to breach the castle defenses.

* The Isle of Schallsea, in the middle of the New Sea, now provides mid 
  level (18-20) players with an opportunity to meet and explore the
  vibrant cultures of the tribesmen and Solamnic settlers who call the
  island home.

* Adventurers will find that the tales of Sirrion Caverns told by explorers 
  of old were wildly inaccurate, and that exploration will reveal it to be
  quite different than previously believed. A group of adventurers of 
  mid-high level (20-22+) will encounter plenty of challenges in the Caverns.

* Many vaults throughout the world have been changed, including:
  -- Vingaard River West
  -- Flying Citadel
  -- Ancient Keep
  -- Deserts of Khur
  -- Castle Uth Wistan

* A particular dragon now correctly loads the container which provides
  rewards on death.
* Castle Uth Wistan vault has been fixed, and is once again accessible to
  thieving adventurers.
* The Last Gaard wagon will no longer delay its departure under certain
* Lesath will no longer randomly reset while fighting.
* A witch related reward was previously broken, and is now fixed.
* Some mobs in Dragon Isle Chain will now reset more logically.
* Pirate's Island entry now works correctly. No more free rides.
* The evil section of Merchant Camp is now less oppressive, and generally
  more intuitive.
* Swimming deep into the depths in a certain zone without headgear will no
  longer perpetually disable the swimmer.
* A bug in a particular library has been resolved, meaning players will no
  longer be accused of having too many outstanding library books when he or
  she actually has none.
* Some dragons that were previously slumberable are now immune.
* The demons in Zrael's Farm are no longer completely terrifying.
* Some mobs that follow during quests will now disappear on zone repop.
* The signpost east of Palanthas has been fixed to reflect recent changes.
* Former inns that no longer allow renting have had their names changed to
  reduce confusion.
* Several 'dragon' mobs which did not give credit for medal affinity now do.
* The method for getting access to Ochre has changed.
* Kraken tails can no longer be decapitated in a certain zone.
* Several zones with maps hidden in them have had those maps adjusted to
  account for changes over the last twenty years.
* Calvin Tobin is now a much stingier purchaser of gear.
* Sh’iar now sees invisible.
* Some sahuagin mobs will now be smarter about who they try to scare. 
* A specific beast no longer lets adventurers by whilst sleeping.
* Kitiara ensures Skie is around before she tries to mount.
* Faul now explodes on death, as bozak should.
* A certain dragon is now more respectful of nobash characters.
* A particular kender druid no longer loads mage books.
* Multiple recuperate rooms added in zones where thematically appropriate.
* Vingaard citygurds are now more particular abotu what weapons they pick up.
* … and an innumerable number of other small bugs and typos have been fixed.
  Thanks to all who reported them!

* Some unusually fragile items are now significantly sturdier.
* Some dynamic items for druids which previously prevented casting have been
  changed to more druid-friendly materials.
* Druid set items have been fixed to be druid only.
* Scout set items have been fixed to be scout only.
* Other minor set item fixes.
* Class set items that provided improper +skill bonuses have been fixed.
* Some low level zone quest items will now decay when the items leave the zone.
* The gear creating a set in Castle Dread has been overhauled, and several
   other items from the zone were restored to their former glory.
* A certain mace that was previously underwhelming has been tuned to be more
* A certain cloak that previously would only have a chance to load on reboot
  now resets correctly.
* Several items with race restrictions had not been updated in some time. Many
  of these are now fixed.
* A mighty gnomish weapon has been changed to better support the next
  generation of gnomish warriors.
* A particular shield has been made substantially lighter.
* … and a number of other item-related bugs have been fixed.

* Feedback from players was that the rewards in Laughing Lands and Dairly
  Plains were somewhat underwhelming. Rewards in both these areas have been
  rebalanced in response to this feedback with the aim of making them more
  attractive places to adventure.
* The following zones have had a minor uplift in reward quality in keeping
  with modern areas of similar difficulties:
    -- Boku
    -- Tirabot
    -- Dragonarmy Outpost
    -- Zrael’s Farm

* Equipment crafted from Cyan Bloodbane now has a 33% chance to fail. This
  does not apply to non-crafted pieces.
* PK damage is set at 85%.
* Rank mobs will be slain immediately prior to the game opening to create
  a more competitive playing field.
* Remorhaz set pieces are now flagged NOSHAMAN as intended.
* The overall experience gained from Dragon's Point has been reduced.
* Raple Dawn will no longer wander into some parts of Hillshar.
* Overall experience gained from questing in Library of Khrystan has increased.
* Lunitari foliage will now thematically disappear at night and grow at day.
* Lord Soth's sword is now a primary.  Stats, etc. modified to reflect this.
* Araton's murderous vines now reject corpses after consuming the victim.
* Keywords have changed across several zones, including but not limited to:
    -- Laughing Lands
    -- Dairly Plains
    -- Dragon Isle Chain (Irda)

* Character sharing is on the rise and will be dealt with much more harshly.
  Similarly, players are reminded that the onus is on the player to multi
  within the rules.

* Special thanks to all the active immortal staff who played active roles in
  shaping and/or testing the upcoming wipe content:

    Adepali, Alecto, Anista, Antonin, Bertil, Cinas, Edwai, Gatir, Helati,
    Jorquin, Kafilat, Kholos, Kragg, Kyuss, Lloth, Loopley, Oere, Rhak, Rinad,
    Seeros, and Vespin

Thank you for choosing Arctic,
- Arctic Staff

February 25, 2024

                --- THIS IS A PWIPE ANNOUNCEMENT ---

                          May you all die.

 You will all be deleted Wednesday March 13th, 2024 at 1:00PM UTC.
 The new wipe will begin Friday March 15th, 2024 at 11:00PM UTC.

Watching Krynn's sun fall below the horizon, Reorx harrumphs in muted pleasure as he notes the relentless passage of another era within his prized creation.

A player wipe is coming, wherein each character will be deleted - only to be created anew by you, our cherished playerbase. The Arctic Staff understands the restless spirit of adventure stirring within your hearts, and aims to sate it. The immortals above have been working tirelessly to provide fresh experiences, and hope to tempt you with several new or revamped zones. Multiple bug fixes also lie in wait.

Further details of incoming changes will be released after every character has shuffled off this mortal coil. Until that time, please enjoy a 'triple double': experience, rank experience, and coin gains will be doubled for the remainder of this wipe. Additionally, the new immortal application posting is now closed.

The hours contributed by the immortals - the long nights, screen-staring, and unbridled creativity of our Gods - are all done in your name, dear player. Please refrain from unnecessary badgering/pestering for confidential wipe information, but rest assured that we will do our best to complete our final developments and usher in the new wipe with a bang.

With appreciation and gratitude,

  • Arctic Staff