November 28, 2022

                      You've all been deleted.

    The new wipe will begin Friday December 2nd, 2022 at 11:00PM UTC.

* PROMPT WATCH, WATCH_OPP, COND, TIC_TIMER are now on by default.
* OPT TARGET_WATCH_OPP is now on by default.
* OPT IGNORE_MASS_TELEPORT is now disabled by default.
* All characters will ignore domain checks by default. See: HELP OPTIONS
* LFG tag will still work while grouped. See: HELP OPTIONS LFG.
* Charisma can no longer go under 1. (bug fix) 
* Being immune to an element no longer provides healing when struck by the
* New social: mooch 
* The 'systat' command now shows the game PK damage percent value.
* Player vs player damage is (still) set to 75%.
* 'Browse' support added for vault. (See: HELP BROWSE)
* 'Browse' support added for wear location. (browse head)
* Browse (world merchant and vaults only) can filter IDENTIFIED items by
    affects, flags, and anti-class flags.

       'browse damroll' : Display items with DAMROLL.
       'browse sense_life' : Display items with SENSE_LIFE.
       'browse !nowarrior' : Display items usable by WARRIOR.
       'browse infravision !nothief' : Browse INFRAVISION, for THIEF usable.

* The 'fight' code was heavily refactored to be safer and cleaner. We
    tested extensively, but please let the staff know immediately if skills
    or anything in normal combat behaves strangely.

ANSI colorized items:

    !!! Please make your character creation selections carefully. !!!
    !!! New menu options are present during character creation. !!!

    Colorization of equipment has been added to the game. Equipped, carried
    objects, and objects otherwise seen in corpses and containers, will
    display in color if they are notable by type or rarity.

    The immortal staff have attempted to pick the best options for newer
    and older clients. Colors may be adjusted later based on player
    feedback, but we hope our initial preset provides a bit of fun,
    surprise, and most importantly, a quality of life element to the game.

    New options have been added to accompany these changes:
            -- Disable the display of all item colorizing
            -- Toggled ON, displays full 256-bit extended ANSI color
            -- Toggled OFF, supports safe 8-bit ANSI color scale

    * Note: Older MUD clients may not support extended ANSI and will not
    experience the system as intended. The notable ones which do not
    support extended ANSI are WinTin95, zMUD, and JMC (main development
    branch.) If items are 'blinking,' 'not displayed,' or otherwise do not
    appear to be viewed correctly, we recommend toggling 'opt ANSI_PLUS'
    off or upgrading to a newer client.

    The immortal staff provides some safe client configurations for clients
    which support extended ANSI:


    Completing certain tasks around the game may award achievements.

    Currently these are 'player only' and have no tie-ins to clans. We've
    added some fun surprises, but we didn't have the time to add nearly as
    many as we hoped. This is a developmental system which we plan to
    expand upon in the future. There is a lot of room for improvement with
    this system, so please use the 'idea' command to submit suggestions.

    New command: achievements
        -- List completed achievements.
        -- Toggle on/off the text presented to the character when
            achievements are obtained.

* Clan strongholds will have a door at their entrance, created by default.
* A new room is available for purchase: Training Grounds. (See: HELP
* Arenas assets have increased in cost.
* Players will no longer be able to teleport to strongholds of clans other
    than their own.

* Rank merchants have evaluated supply and demand trends and thus adjusted
    prices for a small number of ranks. Most notably "Iron Man" and
    "Braincage" are more expensive, while "Captain Planet" and
    "Heartseeker" have been reduced in cost.

* Humans will receive a small bonus to all weapon and guild skills.
* Humans will receive a small rent discount wherever they rent.
* Daergar can be Dark Knights. 
* Vry-Kith 'mantises' have evolved into the insect race.
* Behirs can no longer be ridden as mounts.

* Surges in the populations of minor critters have been reported in many of
    the major cities of Krynn. The following areas are now infested with an
    endless supply of insects, vermin, or other animals:

    - Tarsis sewers
    - Tarsis park
    - Palanthas sewers
    - Balifor garbage dump (upper)

* The Kalaman park area has undergone renovations and is now the home of a
    seemingly endless amount of small animals. The Druid's guild has moved
    slightly, though is still within the immediate area.

* Blood Sea - The Blood Sea of Istar is a churning, salt-sprayed wasteland
    gleaming with crimson waters. The sea allows access to many of Krynn's
    secrets, stretching from Flotsam to Dragon's Point, and from the
    Mistlestraits to Mithas. While the outer edges of the seas are safe for
    mid level adventurers (15+), only brave or foolhardy adventurers (25+)
    should dare the eastern edges of the sea or the terrible Maelstrom at
    its center.

* Dragon's Point - Dragon's Point has been rebuilt by the denizens of the
    village. The more steadfast village is best to be explored by higher
    neutral-aligned mid-high (18-22) level adventurers seeking new

* Icefolk Village - Aspiring adventurers (12-17) should be able to invade
    the neutral-aligned village of Icefolk and hunt the common creatures in
    the surrounding forests. Challenging the village's elders or the apex
    predators in the area, however, is best suited to more seasoned
    adventurers (18-22).

* Illyoc Swamp - Eager adventurers with moderate experience (12-18) should
    be able to investigate the swamplands and hunt its various neutral
    inhabitants. However, some of the more powerful denizens might be more
    suited to hardened veterans (18-22).

* Pigmy Forest - Budding adventurers with limited expertise (12-18) should
    be able to investigate the Pigmy Forests in their totality and
    challenge the evil tribe.

* Rockhorde Peninsula - Rumors of undead pirates haunting the caverns of
    the Rockhorde Peninsula have spread through the region. Adventurers of
    moderate strength (16-22) should be able to investigate. The pirates
    have been reported as being malevolent, but neutral in alignment.

* Xak Tsaroth, renamed "The Cursed Lands" - Once a vibrant forest, these
    lands became forsaken after the Cataclysm struck and all that remains
    is a dismal swamp. Rumors spread speaking of a Red Dragonarmy invasion
    of the lands that buffed the space between Solace and the swamp. Only
    those that have acquired powerful abilities (20-24) should attempt to
    delve deeper into the cursed lands.
        -- The "heal quest" entrance location has changed, but the rest of
            the quest remains the same.


* Dairly Plains - The Dairly Plains are vast fields of swaying grasses and
    rolling savanna along the easternmost section of the continent of
    Ansalon. Past the Laughing Lands and the Goblin Hills, these verdant
    fields have been the homeland of the Dairly plainsmen since before the
    Cataclysm. Both the Goblin Hills and the Dairly Plains are filled with
    mysterious and ancient secrets, as well as powerful enemies, requiring
    groups of high level adventurers to fully explore.

* Library of Khrystan - Rumors have spread throughout the Plains of Dust of
    a sealed library hidden beneath the city of Tarsis. The library's
    ancient and abundant knowledge will be revealed to mid level explorers
    who are able to find it.

* Monastery of the White Orchid - The heavy snows have finally cleared the
    summits of the Dirim Peaks, revealing a nearly-forgotten path up the
    mountains. While the way is treacherous, neutral-aligned mid-level
    explorers can brave the cold to the summits where an ancient ground of
    monks, disconnected from civilization, now anticipates visits from
    adventurers, friend or foe.

* Palanthas Wastes - The area east of Palanthas has been expanded to
    include the Palanthas Wastes. Two signal towers rise up to protect the
    Bay of Branchala, while the villages of Ash and Scorpi have settled
    amongst the wastes for mid level neutral-aligned adventurers to visit
    and explore the surrounding areas.

* Ruins of Xak Tsaroth - The Dragonarmies continue to expand, settling in
    the ancient yet forgotten ruins of Xak Tsaroth east of Solace.
    Adventurers have discovered an entrance to the ruins of Xak Tsaroth
    through the swamps of the Cursed Lands. Exploring the new depths of the
    lost city should only be attempted by very experienced adventurers


* The quests code received a major refactor. This required recreating all
    quests in the game in a very short amount of time. (Thanks Rhak!) We
    believe all quests are working, but please 'bug' report anything minor
    that is not working, and shout for a 34+ immortal for major bugs or
    stuck characters.
* The infamous 'zombie ship' may be found patrolling new waters.
* A particular black cat is now much more approachable by adventurers, but
    has had her possession rebalanced accordingly.
* The path to Crystal Quest has changed. Maps will need to be redrawn. 
* The Sandy Cove 'Sand Castle' zone south of Balifor has vanished. Time
    will tell as to whether it will be missed or not.
* Cartographers and sign builders have been busy. It should be easier to
    navigate major road and water systems across the game.
* Amity has reclaimed ownership of her favorite shield. Do not expect her
    to give it up without a change in tactics.
* Rumors have been circulating of a plot to reanimate a powerful blue
    dragon that died in combat many years ago. Whether there is any truth
    to these stories is not clear, but the mightiest adventurers may wish
    to investigate further to ensure the ongoing safety of Krynn.
* The quest for a certain fungal weapon has had appropriate hints added and
    can now be solved through legitimate means.
* An issue which prevented some of Boras Trueforge's items being crafted
    was fixed, however all of his creations have been rebalanced.
* Several zones with an excessive amount of rank mobs, predominantly lower
    level zones, have been changed to be more in line with other areas.

* 'Dynamic item' loads have been adjusted across the game and added to new
* A significant portion of the items from Blood Shoal have changed
    locations across Krynn. Some will have new names to reflect their new
    home. Some will not.
* Most items which provided damage reductions have been rebalanced,
    generally resulting in these reductions being reduced or removed
    entirely. This includes a couple set bonuses.
* Several items with specials that reduced incoming damage were changed to
    be more balanced.
* Many items have been touched, especially regarding 'limits.' Most have
    increased to varying degrees, while a small handful of powerful items
    have been reduced.
* Numerous 'low limit' items that never decayed in rent (or at all) now do.
* Fine leather will have the same cast restrictions as rough leather.
* For unknown reasons, the base weight of corpse objects has been five
    times heavier than designed. This has been corrected. (bug fix)
* Creamy potions of flight are now rentable.
* New character training weapons can no longer be disarmed.
* All major towns now sell scrolls of legend lore.
* World merchants now buy bows.
* Jenna sells affinity medals again. We're taking our best stab at fixing
    the 'deadbeat' bug with medals, but the "no reimbursements" stance will
    apply to restorations of medals lost in rent bankruptcy this wipe,
    until we have more data.
* Shopkeepers no longer destroy items by default when items are given to
* Shopkeepers no longer sell vellum scrolls. The associated piece of master
    alchemy was removed.
* Wooden chests are now available for purchase in most cities and towns. In
    some others, existing containers had their size altered to match that
    of a wooden chest.
* Motes generated from draining 'casting level' gear are greatly reduced in
    power. (bug fix)

* Players' memlist will ignore lost bonus spell slots at death.
* Casters can now forget a specified number spells. (See HELP FORGET, HELP
    MEM)  Example:  forget 3 'magic missile'

* Barbarians have learned to use pole arms. 
* Barbarians have learned to sharpen rapiers, pikes, and spears.
* The misspelling of the "legendary lore" rank has been fixed. Its effects
    and bonuses have been changed to suit the correct spelling of
    "legendary gore."

* Bandage is now learned at level 4.
* 'Healing mist' no longer provides more than one healing effect per combat
    round, per caster. (Multiple casters can effectively cast together, but
    only one healing mist will be effective per caster.)
* 'Legendary Healing Mist' bonuses will only apply when the cleric is in
    the room with the mist.
* 'Healing mist' now benefits from the caster's healing bonus.
* The heal over time effect applied by 'Legendary Heal' has been reduced.

* 'Plant walk' will allow druids to safely pass through their own 'barrier'
* Druids have received the 'web,' 'poison,' and 'whispering wind' spells,
    which can be learned at the guild.
* Druids can now recast their 'healing cloud' if they already have an
    active cloud or have had it destroyed, however only one cloud will be
    active per round.
* 'Granite hand' has replaced 'stone skin' in the spell requirements for
    Legendary Druid.

Mages (Magic Users & Robes):
* The 'deep pockets' timer applied to items has more than doubled.
* Damage bonuses for having casting level over 30 have been halved.
* Due to a majority vote by players, 'locate object' has been removed from
    spell books, objects, and scrolls. We're trying something new here with
    the new creation content and reshuffling of gear. The spell may be
    readded later, time will tell. A number of formerly 'locatable' spell
    load %s have slightly increased due to this change, but not higher than
    their 'death load' counterparts in any case.

Black Robes:
* While under the effects of 'mind inversion,' players will see a special
* 'Arcane tunnel' will no longer fail when cast on party members.
* 'Soulkeep' is no longer siphonable.
* 'Acid mist' can now trigger black robe secondary effects.

Red Robes:
* The paralysis chance from Legendary 'lightning orb' has been reduced.
* When an eye summoned by the 'wizard eye' spell is slain, its master will
    receive a message.
* 'Read magic' will provide a learn bonus to the spell caster for studying
    their own book they have successfully penetrated with magic.
* 'Blastwave' has switched places in spell circle and load-tier with
    'lightning orb.'

White Robes:
* White robe secondary effects no longer stack on targets. 
* 'Delayed blast fireball' can trigger white robe secondary effects.

Dark Knights:
* 'Blindness' has been moved to 2nd circle.
* 'Free action' has been moved to 3rd circle.
* 'Poison' has been added at 3rd circle.
* Daergar can be Dark Knights. 

* 'Cure serious' has been moved to 3rd circle. 
* 'Holy arms' can be recast while already affected by it.

* Lag from using the 'instinct' command has been reduced. 
* Scout instincts no longer appear in the instincts list if the scout has
    not successfully learned them. (bug fix)
* The Wolverine instinct has changed to be more beneficial in melee
    fighting, rather than ranged attacks.
* 'Evade' no longer works while sitting or mounted.

* 'Ethereal armor' can now be renewed by recasting and can be self dispelled.
* 'Cure light' has been moved to 1st circle. 
* 'Heal boost' is now brewable.
* 'Ritual voyage' now has a chance to fail on targets in combat. 
* The healing by 'healing wave' has been increased by a respectable amount.
* Healing from 'healing wave' can stack between casters.
* Binding a 'ranger' spirit will grant the same effects as binding a
    'scout' spirit.

* The 'hide' skill will no longer be broken when using simple commands such
    as 'skill' and 'eq'.
* The cooldown of legendary 'coup' has been reduced and its damage has been
* 'Evade' no longer works while sitting or mounted.

* The Caergoth warrior guildmaster now teaches knowledge of 'sunder' and

The immortal staff spent thousands of volunteer hours behind the curtains
developing content in these patch notes. Many of these hours were
planning, small (or major) bug fixes, or efforts otherwise unlisted
here. We have gone through and cleared the 'idea' list for the upcoming
wipe. Many game bugs were fixed, while a small amount have carried
forward on the list. Please feel free to resubmit bug, typo, and/or
idea reports if you think something has not been addressed.

I would not be able to get anything done without a terrific immortal staff
working beside me. The patch notes would not be as extensive without the
following people volunteering their time:

Code and backend support:

Creators (new zones):
  Alecto, Edwai, Jorquin, Kholos, Kyuss, Mordack, Rinad 

Creation special thanks and/or side projects:
  Alecto, Attai, Bertil, Gatir, Jorquin, Loopley, Kyuss, Rhak, Roz

Ideas sorters (from player 'idea' submissions):
  Attai, Bedal, Edwai, Gatir, Kyuss, Lloth, Mick, Oom

Project managers:
  Cinas (Development Notes), Jorquin (Interim Head of Creation)

Zone testers:
  Attai, Bedal, Gatir, Kragg, Kyuss, Lloth, Oom, Roz, Torq

'Content' (and the creation of it) is an important piece of Arctic;
however, the most important piece of the game is our 'player base.'
Arctic's unique player base drives the game and urges the immortal staff to
continue volunteer development after being online more than 30 years. We
hope everyone continues to return to this old text world for years to come:
to slay text monsters, complete quests, and most importantly, to reunite
with our ArcticMUD family.

We reopen Friday December 2nd, 2022 at 11:00PM UTC. We'll see you on the

Thanks for choosing Arctic!

- Anista

November 21, 2022

To complement the ANSI colorization project next wipe, and to support the continuous wave of long-time players returning to the game, the immortal staff has created two client starter packages. (One package for JMC and one for WinTin++ / TinTin++.) The settings are all rule-friendly and support 'split screen' sharing between characters for those who wish to play up to two characters within the game rules.

Here are some examples of the of the package contents: - A file with aliases to more easily cast spells - A file of triggers that are generic in nature to assist gameplay - A file of highlights and substitutions to help important text 'stand out' in special situations - Multiple files that connect all the functionality - A README file to help guide the setup

The downloads and some screenshots can be found on the Arctic MUD website:

As an additional note, prior to last week, older releases of JMC did not support extended ANSI color options. JMC is now another client of choice when it comes to playing Arctic, assuming it is obtained from the right source. A link to the latest JMC release which supports extended color options can be found on the aforementioned page of our website.

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.

  • Arctic Staff

November 6, 2022

We feel the need to give fair warning about one of our noteworthy changes for the upcoming wipe.

  • New system: ANSI color features will be added to equipment.

Most MUD clients support 'extended ANSI' coloring schemes. Unfortunately, older clients only support a handful of colors. We will do our best to provide 'safe' colors for both the newer and older clients; however, anyone who is using an older client will not experience the color system in the way we intend.

The known clients that DO NOT support extended ANSI are: JMC, zMUD, Wintin95

The known clients that DO support extended ANSI are: Blowtorch, CMUD, Mudlet, Mudrammer, MUSHclient, TinTin[++],

Please join us in Discord ( to see examples I posted today in the #lobby for some color differences between the clients. Please rest assured that anyone will be able to 'opt out' of the item coloring system in game next wipe if he or she does not wish to use it.

Lastly, I have created a synthetic copy of myself in Solace Inn, which will stand there for the remainder of the wipe. If you would like to test your client, simply 'look anista' in Solace Inn. The details of the test are explained in the mobile's description.

  • Anista

November 4, 2022

                  May you all die.

You will all be deleted Sunday November 27th, 2022 at 1:00PM UTC. The new wipe will begin Friday December 2nd, 2022 at 11:00PM UTC.

With another year passing in Arctic's continued 30+ years of development, it's time for another player wipe: the inevitable death and rebirth of characters, paving the way for new content and bringing a fresh start. Rising like a phoenix from its ashes, the game continues to improve with each wipe, become more enriched and vibrant with time passing. We hope you'll join us in the new wipe.

Here are some noteworthy teasers to come in the new wipe: - New system: Player 'achievements' will be added. - New system: ANSI color features will be added to equipment. - A few new zones of varying difficulty will be introduced. Expect to see new creator names credited to much of the content. - Several older zones have either been expanded or received a full redesign. (Icefolk Village, you were probably the most overdue.) - Many items will have been reworked, replaced, or redistributed. - A variety of other changes are coming, including some Quality of Life improvements.

We'll let you know the full development details following your timely demise, only after we have verified our code changes and merges are functional on the live game port.

Experience, rank experience, and coins gains are doubled for the remainder of this wipe. We ask that everyone try to keep the chaos and random pkilling under control until the final hours of the wipe.

Please remember, the immortal staff contributes thousands of volunteer hours every year to create content for players each wipe. The immortal staff are extremely busy with final developments during this time: annoying the staff, pestering them for buffs, or asking for inside information about the wipe may result in an early personal wipe at their discretion! No reimbursements.

Thanks for choosing Arctic!

  • Arctic Staff