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Mud Clients

  • CMUD/ZMUD are very popular Windows MUD clients. They are fully programmable, allowing you to make your own triggers, macros, aliases, variables, etc - a good choice for Windows users.
  • Tintin++ is a very scriptable, cross-platform (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) console based client.
  • Wintin is a very popular MUD client, especially to former Tintin++ users who have converted or been forced to use Windows. It can do almost everything ZMUD can, and is arguably faster. Its interface is almost entirely non-graphical however, and takes some getting used to.
  • JMC is another effective and popular MUD client.
  • MUSHclient is a MUD/MUSH client that lauds itself on speed.
  • BlowTorch is a client for Android OS.
  • MUDRammer is a client for iPhone and iPad.
  • Mudlet runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux based OS (even Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi).


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