New Players

Welcome to all New Players

Useful Information:

  • Tutorial - Tutorial which covers how to connect and how to get started
  • A Dragonlance Adventure Beginners Guide on YouTube - A video tutorial series for Arctic MUD, courtesy of nbiolo.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Races - Learn about the Races of Krynn
  • Classes - Learn about the Classes of Krynn
  • How to Play - Basic information to get connected
  • Solace Adventures - An excerpt from Tasslehoff Burrfoot, retelling his newbie experiences in Solace.
  • Solace Walkthrough - An very descriptive guide on what to do when starting out in Solace.
  • Newbie Guide - A lot of information that a newbie will find useful
  • Starting Out - a walkthrough tutorial, this is merely one path to begin the game
  • Glossary - Like any game, Arctic players have their own vocabulary. These are a few terms you might see in a shout, or spoken by a group leader

What is a MUD?

"MUD" stands for "Multi-User Dungeon (or Domain)". The concept is pretty old; MUDs have been around for 30+ years. Older gamers might think about a MUD as a "Multiplayer Zork."

When you connect to the server, you'll find no graphics - only text, leaving you to interact with the world through console and imagination. Many mudders insist that what the game-world looks like in their head is far better than technology can allow anyway. If you've never tried a text-based game, you might be surprised to discover it's a lot of fun. Want to go north? Type n. Want to look around? Type look. A large number of (usually) intuitive commands are available.

MUDs are generally very social environments. Often you will need the help of other players to team up against certain monsters and explore areas. Though not the path for everyone, Arctic provides game mechanics and incentives to be in a clan.