Starting Out

Get ready to explore!

This walkthrough serves as a small guide to help you reach level 2 or 3 and can teach you some basic skills you will use for the rest of the game.

You do not need to follow this walkthrough to play Arctic - at any time you can jump right in and begin exploring on your own.

First - connect to the game. Need help? Read How to Play

Roll your Character

Follow the initial in game instructions (i.e. type "start" and name your character.)

Try to pick a character name in theme with a fantasy (particularly Dragonlance) setting. You should try to imagine a name that could exist in a book, and consider the race/class of your character. If the name you pick is too silly it can be changed by a staff member.

For naming inspiration, consider the list of the Heros of the Lance: Raistlin Majere, Caramon Majere, Sturm Brightblade, Kitiara Majere, Tanis Half-Elven, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Riverwind, Goldmoon, Flint Fireforge

You can pick whatever class and race suits you. For purposes of this tutorial, we are creating a Human Warrior named Sturm - he's Lawful Good.

Pick a Town

At the end of the signup process, you will be taken to Nowhere, ready to begin your adventures in Krynn. Experienced players can travel between towns easily - but the new player will find it difficult. Thus, your home town should have a guild master for the class you have chosen.

Sturm picked Solace as his starting town by saying "Solace" in Nowhere, and was transported to the Inn of the Last Home.

Find your guild master

After consulting his map, Sturm knew that he would find the Warrior's guild master in the Guild Hall, which is above the town fountain in the center of town.

Tip: Watch your prompt. It tells you what exits are available to take. For instance, "D" means there's a "down" exit available, and typing "d" will prompt your character to travel down. The directions (N,E,S,W,U,D) and "look" are the first commands you'll use.

When he reached his guild master, Sturm typed "learn all" and was taught some basic Warrior skills. He typed "inv" (inventory) to see what items he had.

First Kill

With no money in his wallet and needing 1999 xp to gain a level, Sturm set out to discover his fate. After a few minutes of exploring, Sturm found a squirrel in the southeast corner of town and began combat (ki squirrel).

He received 39 experience when it died, plus experience during the combat from each hit (68 total). When the fight ended it left behind a corpse. Sturm examined the corpse ("exa corpse") and earned his first steel coin ("get coin corpse").

At this moment, the sun went down and took the light with it. Remembering his inventory list, Sturm held his lantern (hold lantern).

Nearby, Sturm found a tree and climbed it to find more mobs to kill (we call NPC characters "mobs"). He found a pigeon which earned him 122 xp. Resting between battles ("rest"), Sturm regained his strength. Soon he continued to kill other animals in the tree which promoted him to level 2.

Warning: The game has death traps (help death trap). If you find one the hard way, chalk it up to a learning experience. You can discover and avoid them by using the "scan" command before you enter a room -- death traps are always marked in Arctic.


Many classes have special skills that you can use to initiate combat, during combat, or out of combat. Type "skills" to see what you have available.

Sturm had the "bash" skill and so attempted to bash mobs at the beginning and during fights. Using your skills is how you train them. When you've trained enough in a skill the guild master will give you the knowledge you need to continue learning in that skill.

Revisiting the guild master, buying items

You will need to visit your guild master often. Always be sure to visit when you gain a level, and sometimes in the middle of your current level. When you see the messages "You feel enlightened" or "You feel especially skillful today," these are hints that a guild master may be able to train you more.

After Sturm backtracked a little and went to his guild master, he had a few coins from the Solace Tree and decided to replace his training gear with equipment from the shops.

Finding the shop, "list" revealed what they had for sale, and "buy sword" earned him a new gleaming broadsword - probably one a player sold to the shop keeper.

This only begins the story for Sturm - and for you. He's soon ready to help with the problem in the city's sewers, and then embark into the rest of the world.

Where to go from here? Keep exploring. If you like, read the guide to learn more commands.