Solace Adventures

The following is an except from the memoirs of the famous world-traveller, Tasselhoff Burrfoot.

When I first got to Solace, my area guide told me about all sorts of fun activities I could do to help the people of the tree-top town. When I did these things I was often rewarded with experience, coins, or items; I didn't even have to borrow them!

I remember the first place he showed me was the Fire Hearth. The owner of the Fire Hearth, Hannibal, is a bit dirty, but he's very strong. He's been known to carry over six kegs. Six kegs! Anyway, when I got there, my guide said that Hannibal is often running low on venison. After some time I came to know well that Hannibal is the best chef of venison bordelaise in all of Krynn. I killed a deer east of town and brought the venison to him, and so he let me sample his cooking. Boy, was it good! After chomping down his venison I felt fresh and ready to take on anything.

After the venison and some fighting in the forest and trees of Solace, I needed a break. Otik runs a famouse establishment called "The Inn of the Last Home". He has some delicious spiced potatoes, but be careful: the spice feels just the same coming out as it does going in. If I needed a prolonged nap, this would be a great place to rent. All I needed was to recuperate at the inn's gigantic fireplace. It was there I met a wizened old timer hanging around. When I listened to him he started spouting off about the ironies of experience and knowledge. He's really smart. Anyway, he gave me a beaker to fill with salt water.

I was curious, so I went to the salt water pond in the park and filled it up. When I brought it back to the old man he told me to bring it to Theobald in the magic user guild. Theobald then said he wanted me to get a sprig of marjoram from the Solace Forest out the East gate. So I stopped by Stephen's supply shop to, well, borrow some gardening shears; my uncle Greenfoot always said, "gardening without tools is like flying without wings". You can't fly without wings - I've tried that! But that's a different story.

After I collected the sprig from a bush near the bee hive, I presented everything to Master Theobald. There on the spot he made me a green speckled potion. This potion told me a lot about who I am. I thanked Master Theobald for his generosity. The potion also gave me the ability to see invisible creatures, which became especially helpful as Theobald's old school of magic is now haunted by invisible ghosts! A shade of a Kender at the entrance spoke to me at length. He told me a wild tale involving a young magic user's mistake and a terrible demon. Boy a demon! How fun!

After adventuring into the lower levels of the school, I wandered around the town in hopes of meeting someone new. While walking the treetops I happened to walk into the office of the High Theocrat. My guide informed me that he was an avid hunter and collector of heads. Needing a new mission, I embarked on various hunting trips for him, being rewarded time and time again. I did find having to behead my kills for him was quite grizzly though!

Having bested the various challenges around town, I set off towards the stables in hopes of borrowing a mount to explore the hills around town. On may way there, I made a stop into a small cottage I passed on perimeter street. I met Honas, and his lovely family. Honas told me about how he had run into troubles recently and asked if I could help with a delivery. He needed a note brought to the constable. Before I could show the note though, he saw I was wearing a pair of green peacekeeper gloves that I had found, and threw me out of town!

All in all, my time in Solace was great fun, and a life changing adventure. New travelers should make it a point to visit the tree-top town, even if the peacekeepers are a bit attached to their gloves.