Like any game, Arctic players have their own vocabulary. These are a few terms you might see in a shout, or spoken by a group leader.

agro - "Aggressive" - Generally means a mob will attack you on sight

area - Short for "area effect" spells (spells that effect more than just one target)

atm - At the moment

basher - A fighter good with the skill bash

cha - Charisma

con - Constitution

critter - A cleric with the spell 'cure critical'

dex - Dexterity

DT - Death trap (HELP DEATH TRAP, remember to scan!)

eject - Leave the fight/area! (probably recite recall, or flee if it's safe)

foom - when the mud crashes, we say it foomed

frag - Fragging spells cause damage to equipment, non fragging spells do not. Some leaders ignore this subtlety when they use this word merely to mean "cast a lot!"

healer - A cleric with the spell 'heal'

high - Most consider high levels to be 25+, when you can set your title

hp - hit points (how damaged you are or aren't). This info is in your prompt bar and SCORE

inn - Renting a room at an inn lets you save your equipment while you are not playing.

int - Intelligence

lfg - Often shouted, it means "Looking for group"

mem up - rest to memorize your spells faster

milky - a "milky potion" detects invisibility

mob - Short for "mobile". When a player says "mob", he means a any NPC monster in the game

npc - Non player character (any non human mob)

npp - Negative plane protection

newbie - A new player, or possibly an old player with a new character

pop/repop - A zone can "pop" (meaning mobs/items are reloaded/reset). Alternatly we can also "pop" an item (meaning it loaded and it was won)

spin - Rooms that have unpredictable exits - Spinny rooms can be tricky to figure out

step-lead - Sending the tank ahead into agro danger to initate a fight before the rest of the group comes in

stoner - A druid with 'stoneskin'

str - Strength

swap - A group command - HELP SWAP in game

tank - A character with a lot of hit points (aka "meat shield"), typically fighters or barbarians

th - "th" is a common abbpreviation for "tollhouse", an Arctic landmark which often serves as a meeting point for groups.

tnl - 'til next level - typically used as a question when someone is curious how many XP you need to level

v - moves - if someone says "v?" they're asking how many moves you have left (this info is in your prompt bar and SCORE)

wis - Wisdom

xp - Experience

zone - a zone is a section of the mud (HELP AREA). "To zone" is to seek zones and complete them