Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it that we are zapped by misaligned items when we try to pick them up?

This was how we decided aligned items should be dealt with. However, if you really think a particular item should either be not aligned, or aligned differently, then use the "idea" command and suggest your opinion.

What if we just want to use an identify scroll on a misaligned item?

Then carry an identify scroll to the item, and use it. You can use identify on items in the room.

Why can't I rent?

Most likely you have been involved in an aggressive action against another player. In Arctic, this is defined as initiating or being involved in any player-versus-player combat, using certain aggressive skills against another player or or casting certain spells on another player (ie hold person). Additionally, focusing any of your attentions on another player's property can also keep you from renting for a time.

This is not permanent, it is intentional. The idea is to prevent people from doing aggressive things against another player and then renting immediately to avoid any consequences. It also prevents the people the who were wronged from renting. Generally if you've been the victim of such activity, and you find that you can't rent, you're safe from any further harm in a secure location (for example, an Inn). If you've been the "naughty" party doing such activity, you might want to take shelter in a less-visible location.

Can we play 'multi-play' more than one character?

You may have any number of characters in the database, but are allowed to have up to TWO characters connected to the game simultaneously. These two characters must be connected from the same hostname/IP address and must share identical email addresses. Any additional connections, especially attempts to proxy extra characters, will be dealt with harshly.

XXX is linkdead (or "LD") but is still visible in the game! Can you please make them rent?

No. Generally, when a player is linkdead and still visible in the game, it is because they have done an aggressive act against another player and can not leave the game through normal means. [See Why Can't I Rent?] Sometimes this is due to a persons particular ISP and their connectivity to Arctic.

Why can't we see the levels and classes of other players?

We feel that this sort of information is better conveyed by asking the question. In addition, this prevents people from using the information against you... say to discover you are a lower level than them, so they can happily waltz up to you and kill you.

Why don't you make a flag/option which will reveal our own class/level?

As soon as we have a flag which reveals your class/level then anyone without the flag would be suspect. People wouldn't trust them.

I'm dead certain I had an [insert name of object here], now it's gone! How?

There are many ways that you can lose objects. Some disappear over time; many spells and other nasty effects will destroy objects. In both those cases the mud will give you a message when the object is destroyed -- it may happen during combat, so you'll have to be careful to notice them. If you use "rent quiet" you will not be informed of unrentable items which the receptionist tosses away when you rent. There are a few other ways that items can be destroyed or taken away. In general we won't treat a report like this as a bug unless you can give us logs of your session with the mud.

Is there any way to get a list of all existing spells on the mud?

No. Some spells are deliberately hidden so that you have to adventure to find them.

Is there a "brief" mode like other Dikus? A "compact" mode?

Yes, the command "opt brief" provides this. Please see "help options" for other available options.

When I type "ca" I don't get "cackle" I get "cast"! Or more, generally, when I type [insert favorite abbreviation of common social here] I don't get [insert social here]. Why?

We decided that socials should come after all other commands in the search order, and this changed some of the abbreviations. You'll have to live with it.

It takes too many moves to walk down the road.

You're walking across a continent. Horses can be redeemed at stables in most major towns. (See 'help stables'.) There are also many magical spells and equipment bonuses to make traveling easier.

[insert generic request about the infobar here]

Further support for the infobar will require one of the implementers to actually take an interest in it. There are no plans to improve it in the immediate future.

Why is the * necessary in the output of the emote command?

Because some people abuse the command, consider these emotes: emote leaves west. emote gives you 1000 coins.

How can a paladin or a ranger restore their status after losing it?

You have to find a cleric of your proper alignment to cast 'atonement' on you; read HELP ATONEMENT for more information.

Why don't we heal, or memorize, while we are linkdead?

Because link death is an easy way to escape the dangers of the mud world.

Why when I type "mount horse" does it try to mount someone else's horse?

Try using "mount" with no arguments -- that will look for a mount in the room following you.

Why doesn't the scroll of identify work?

Chances are you tried it in a NO-MAGIC room. See next question.

Why doesn't the mud give you a message when magic fails in a NO-MAGIC room?

We decided that the unprepared adventurer would have no clue why or when their magic fails. This is how we designed our world. However, the 'detect magic' spell will aid in discovering magical failures.

Why do I end up in some random location when I use a scroll of recall?

You end up somewhere in the town in which you last rented. We decided that scrolls of recall would be too powerful if they were accurate teleports. So instead, you land in the rough neighborhood of where you want to be.

Why can mob XXX cast in a NO_MAGIC room?

Some mobs are able to cast in their "home" even when players are not. This is deliberate, it is not a bug.

Why can a blinded mob use a skill/spell on me?

You too can target the person you are fighting if you are blinded. Simply enter the spell/skill with no target. If it is a "violent" spell/skill then it targets the person you are busy hitting.

Why can a mob bash without a shield? Why can a mob disarm without a weapon?

Otherwise we would have to load many extra objects just so that mobs could use these skills. These extra shields and weapons would just end up lying around unused after the mob was killed. We do have possible solutions. For now you'll have to live with it.

Why don't elves/dwarfs/non-humans have long life spans?

Simply because that would be another advantage to those races, and we have yet to code many (or any) disadvantages to being non-human. So we won't give them this advantage.