The kagonesti are descended from high elves but long ago rejected the civilized trappings of their high elf cousins to establish their own wilderness settlements. Kagonesti are about the same size as high elves, but much more muscular, and not as intelligent. Their dark brown skin is traced with tattoos of clay and paint. Most have dark hair, ranging from black to light brown. Kagonesti elders have silvery white hair. All Kagonesti have hazel eyes belying their heritage with the Silvanesti. Wild elves believe that harmony with nature is the key to a full and happy life. They are proud people, hot-tempered and passionate. While these barbaric elves do not initiate wars or attack strangers, they are by no means pacifists.

The kagonesti elves are stronger and quicker than their high elf cousins and thusly are substantially better thieves. While Kagonesti are the stronger breed of elf, their frames are still weaker in comparison to humans and are somewhat limited in toe-to-toe combat as warriors and barbarians would be involved in. As they live in the wild they are capable of being excellent shamans but only below average clerics, druids and mages.

Note that despite what elves are like in fantasy books and other games, elves are not long lived here. They have the same lifespan as humans.

Classes Available to Kagonesti elves: Warrior, Thief, Scout, Druid, Shaman

Alignment Restrictions: Cannot follow evil alignments.

Kagonesti Key Attributes: Dexterity

Racial Bonus: Kagonesti elves receive improved chance to gain extra attacks