A shaman is a tribal spiritualist, a master of the natural elements as well as contact with spirits and a tribe's ancestry. As such, shamans can be found among the wild races as well as among human communities living in remote and isolated areas. Shamans, alone of all other classes, have an innate ability to see into the spirit world, and have the power to force spirits of fallen monsters to assist them or their comrades in a number of ways.

Shamans are powerful in combat, relying primarily on their weapons to inflict damage upon their opponents. The main focus of their magical abilities, however, is to defend, protect and strengthen themselves and those who journey with them. In addition, shamans have medical abilities which, although inferior to those of a cleric, allow them to assist in the curing of wounds and other ailments.

Although shamans maintain close ties with the spirit world, they abhor the undead, perceiving them as a perversion of nature, and will often go out of their way to help eliminate them.

While all ability scores are of importance to a shaman, the most significant to a shaman's innate abilities are charisma, strength, intelligence and constitution.

Early Skills:

axes bandage bludgeons
hex miscellaneous piercers
short blades

Allowable Races: Human, Half-elf, Kagonesti, Hill dwarf, Goblin, Minotaur, Dargonesti, Gully

Alignment Restrictions: none