Hill Dwarf

Hill dwarves, also known as Neidar, are the most commonly encountered dwarven race on Krynn.

Neidar have deep tan to light brown skin, ruddy cheeks, and bright eyes. Their hair is brown, black, or gray, worn respectably trim around the ears and the majority of adult males wear long bushy beards and moustaches.

Neidar tend to be rough and coarse. They are extremely loyal and honorable to their clans, and are capable of deep and lasting friendships. Neidar have low, rich voices and can sing quite well. They have an extreme aversion to traveling by water.

As with most dwarves Neidar belong to clans that they are extremely loyal to. Because of their dwarven roots, they are excellent miners, metalsmiths, and woodworkers. They live in villages and towns in the foothills surrounding Thorbardin but due to their exposure to the outside world (not subterranean dwellers) they have spread throughout Krynn integrating themselves, making their homes and fetching large sums of money selling there highly sought after craftsmanship.

Note that despite what dwarves are like in fantasy books and other games, dwarves are not long lived here. They have the same lifespan as humans.

Classes Available to hill dwarves: Barbarian, Warrior,
Thief, Scout, Cleric, Druid Shaman

Alignment Restrictions: none

Hill Dwarf Key Attributes: Strength

Racial Bonus: Hill Dwarves gain improved grip, reducing the chance of fumbling attacks