A barbarian is a savage warrior, trained to survive in the worst of conditions. Born and raised in the plains, they have fought many beasts and endured many hardships. Much of the ferocity of barbarians becomes apparent after they've indulged in strong spirits, and it is rumored that they could drink even the sturdiest dwarves of Krynn under the table.

Their training makes them ideal as both warriors and survivalists. They are trained to forage for their own food, maintain their own equipment, and have general knowledge of items they come across in their travels.

Trained on the hunt, barbarians value their strength and constitution and to a lesser degree, dexterity, in order to live through encounters on the vast plains.

Early Skills:

axes bandage bludgeons
piercers rescue short blades
two-handed mend recuperate
carve track

Allowable Races: Human, Kagonesti, Hylar dwarf, Hill dwarf, Gully dwarf, Kender, Minotaur

Alignment Restrictions: none