Hylar Dwarf

The dwarves of Krynn are known to be descended from Gnomes and Kender. However, the dwarves deny this strenuously and argue that it was the God Reorx who created them, in the image of himself. Trying to persuade a dwarf otherwise will usually result in a brawl. Despite this hylar dwarves have a good nature and do not tend to be evil.

Dwarves fight tenaciously between themselves, and the dwarfgate wars between the hill and mountain dwarves was a long and bloody campaign which is the heart of many a tale around the inns of Krynn. A lot of dwarves are loners, wandering the countryside and offering their services at blacksmithy and masonry. Dwarven architecture and build is renowned and admired throughout the land. Armor and weapons crafted by a skilled dwarf often command high prices in the city shops.

Because they are so headstrong and very stocky, dwarves tend to withstand magic and poisons better than other races. They are stronger than humans, but slower and not as intelligent, thus making tough warriors. Hylar have the faith required to be clerics but despite their long lives are not very wise. Their racial characteristics make them average clerics if wisdom and intelligence are desired. In guilds where dexterity is valuable, such as thieves, they tend to be at a disadvantage. Note that despite what dwarves are like in fantasy books and other games, dwarves are not long lived here. They have the same lifespan as humans.

Classes Available to hylar dwarves: Barbarian, Warrior, Thief, Cleric

Alignment Restrictions: Cannot follow evil alignments.

Hylar Key Attributes: Constitution

Racial Bonus: Hylar Dwarves gain a bonus to healing received