Humans were the last race created by the gods. While the races before them were given the gift of long lives or sturdy frames, humans were given the gift of free will so that they could choose between good and evil. Humans have the greatest capacity for good or evil and because of this their souls are coveted by the gods of good and evil. Humans are like a great swirling storm, with violent gusts that forever change the world they pass through, but fading after only a short time. Humans shorter time in the world is spent striving for power and knowledge. They are quick to think and quick to act - often without considering the consequences. Because of this, humans give the world of Krynn motion.

Humans have the most variety in appearance of any race on Krynn. It is thought that because of this, humans are the most socially tolerant of all races, except perhaps kender. Humans have a variety of skin tones, hair-and eye-colors. Their height tends to be in the five to six foot range, and women are often a few inches shorter than men. Humans can live up to 60 years or more - a lifespan shorter than many other races. Humans pack a lot of energy and passion into those years.

Being such a short lived race and always in search of adventure and wealth, many humans become mercenaries and bounty hunters, and very few need much persuasion to go off in search of treasure! Humans have spread themselves to all corners of Krynn and are the most likely race to be found in nearly any city.

Classes Available to humans: all

Alignment Restrictions: none

Human Key Attributes: all

Racial Bonus: Humans are able to learn skills and spells at an improved rate.