The minotaurs on Krynn are excellent seafarers who live on a small island past the Blood Sea. While they are part bull and part man, they seem to combine together some of the best attributes of both. These huge humanoids stand at a hulking seven feet tall, with rippling chests and humanlike arms, legs and hands. Their feet however, end in a cleft hoof. Their bodies are covered with a layer of short hair. All minotaurs possess horns on their head and they tend to rigorously wax and polish their horns to make them shiny and strong. The minotaurs grow up in a tough environment which teaches them toughness and survival at an early age. In addition, minotaurs become very attached to their clans.

To a minotaur, honor is very important. Many will keep their word no matter what the cost is to them. A lot of their values are tied up in their beliefs that minotaurs are truly the superior race on Krynn. From this, minotaurs also believe that "might makes right." The harshest punishment in minotaur culture is to cut off the horns of a criminal, thus making the minotaur more akin to humans. Dehorned minotaurs have lost their pride and sullied their honor.

There is some racial animosity against the minotaurs for their beliefs and attitudes. Minotaurs should expect to experience open hostility in some places around Krynn.

Minotaurs are an exotic race.

Classes Available to minotaurs: Barbarian, Warrior,
Dark Knight, Scout, Cleric, Shaman

Alignment Restrictions: Can only follow evil alignments

Minotaur Key Attributes: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom

Racial Bonus: Minotaur receive improved damage output