The kender are thought to be descended from gnomes that were transformed by potent magic. Kender are a small, childlike race equal in size to human children. They are quite unmistakable however, with distinctive ponytails ('topknot' to a kender) and pointed ears. There are four things which make the Kender folk stand out from all others:

They are utterly fearless; they are insatiably curious; they are unstoppably mobile; and they have a tendency to take anything that isn't nailed down!

Their childish games and wild pranks can infuriate the calmest of travelers. Kender voices tend to sound shrill, like children, and when excited they tend to speak louder and quicker. They are known to be able to anger anyone beyond reason through the use of "taunting", which involves hurling insults at a furious pace. This skill has saved many a kender, for by angering their opponent so much, they often can't think straight and the fleet footed kender escape danger.

Kender have very good dexterity, which aids them in their favorite pastimes of picking locks and 'borrowing' other peoples trinkets and treasures. Kender are somewhat wiser than one would think and are able to make suitable clerics and druids. Kender are not as strong as humans but are quick-footed and have an amazing ability to bounce back from a hard blow. They do tend to make above average scouts when being quick-of-foot is important but are somewhat limited in toe-to-toe combat as warriors are often engaged in.

Classes Available to kender: Barbarian, Warrior,
Thief, Scout, Druid

Alignment Restrictions: Cannot follow evil alignments

Kender Key Attributes: Dexterity

Racial Bonus: Kender receive an increased regeneration rate