Scouts are masters of the wilderness and they posses a deep connection to the land, from the animals that inhabit Krynn to the lush vegetation. Their inherent understanding of nature provides them with many advantages available only to them. In Krynn scouts are master hunters/trackers and possess a greater awareness of their surroundings, especially when outdoors.

While scouts do not possess "conventional" magic, they are highly attuned to the creatures of Krynn and can connect on a deep level with various animals in the land (HELP SKILL INSTINCT). This connection can provide a scout with new abilities as well as other benefits, as long as the connection is maintained.

Scouts are highly proficient with a bow, only scouts possess the knowledge and skill required to effectively use a bow (HELP ARCHERY). While scouts possess a unique knowledge of ranged attacks, they also possess skills which make them formidable in melee combat, an expert scout can prove to be a dangerous threat from near or far.

Scouts rely on their dexterity, intelligence and strength for survival.

Early Skills:

axes bandage bludgeons
hide long blades miscellaneous
piercers shoot short blades

Allowable Races: Human, Half-elf, Silvanesti, Kagonesti, Dargonesti, Hill dwarf, Theiwar dwarf, Gully, Kender, Goblin, Minotaur,

Alignment Restrictions: none