Theiwar are dark dwarves and dwell in the darkest underworld. These strange dwarves hate light: it nauseates them. They passionately distrust outsiders and will kill them if given the slightest chance. Theiwar consider themselves the highest of the dwarven races and dream of world conquest and domination. They will ally themselves with any other evil race to suit their purpose. Unlike any other race of dwarves, Theiwar love magic: most of their leaders have spell-casting abilities. Theiwar generally look like other dwarves, short with wide shoulders and tough wrinkled skin. Theiwar, however, also have exaggerated, repulsive features: bulging and watery eyes, white or yellow skin and hair, and wiry bodies.

Theiwar are not as strong or tough as their hylar cousins. They are somewhat more dexterous and a lot more cunning. Because of their love for magic, theiwar are adept at being mages and make fine clerics. Theiwar are on the whole evil and are very willing to steal what they want but where quick feet are desired theiwars are only an average choice. Also, since theiwar are not as strong and sturdy as their hylar cousins they make only average warriors.

Classes Available to theiwar: Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Magic User

Alignment Restrictions: Cannot follow good alignments.

Theiwar Base Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity

Racial Bonus: Theiwar Dwarves receive improved resistance against magic