The dargonesti, progeny of the high elves created by Paladine, are a race of sea elves that prefers to inhabit the deeper waters of the oceans. Like all elves, they are a prideful race, and tend to be reclusive. The dargonesti are most friendly with their kagonesti cousins, and regard their qualinesti and silvanesti kin as arrogant. They will tolerate non-elven sea-faring races apart from the draconians and the minotaurs, the latter of which fear the dargonesti. Worshippers of Habbakuk and Chislev, they are a faithful and religious race with a tendency towards good. In common with the other elves, evil dargonesti are known as dark elves, and are cast out.

The tallest of the elven races, they are brawny, although still more slender than the humans. Along with pointed elven ears, their blue skin, gills, and webbed fingers and toes, they are unmistakably indentifiable. They share the physical and mental attributes of the Kagonesti, but their reclusion makes them somewhat aloof and less sociable.

Note that despite what elves are like in fantasy books and other games, elves are not long lived here. They have the same lifespan as humans.

The dargonesti are an exotic race.

Classes Available to dargonesti: Warrior, Scout, Cleric, Druid, Magic User, Shaman, Paladin, Thief

Alignment Restrictions: Can only follow good alignments

Key Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength

Racial Bonus: Dargonesti receive improved spell saving modifiers