Magic User

A magic user is a student of the arcane, learning to shape and cast mystical spells that may be used for either good or harm. As students, magic users are not quite ready yet to explore the full depths of magic.

Because of their lack of control, magic users are restricted from going past level 10. Once they reach the end of level 10 they will no longer be able to gain experience. This stoppage has been imposed by the most powerful wizards in the land to coerce young magic users into joining The Conclave.

Before a magic user can join The Conclave they must complete a few tasks:

1) Find someone to teach them the mysteries of the spells 'magic bolt' and 'magic blast'. There are multiple locations to learn these spells, but none of them are from normal guildmasters in towns.

2) Travel to the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth. This is just south of Solace.

3) Take and complete the Conclave Test. This is a long, difficult and often times deadly trial. Many have failed, only the strong, smart and persistent shall gain entry into The Conclave.

Once the Test has been passed, the magic user will be allowed to choose between one of three paths: White Robe - Follower of Solinari the white moon. Red Robe - Follower of Lunitari the red moon. Black Robe - Follower of Nuitari the black moon.

A high intelligence is useful to a magic user as the art requires intellectual study. Many spells also require elaborate hand movement, thus dexterity is also useful.

Early Skills:

arcana bludgeons concentration
short blades

Allowable Races: Human, Half-elf, Silvanesti, Qualinesti, Theiwar dwarf, Hill dwarf, Gnome, Dargonesti

Alignment Restrictions: none