Gnomes tend to dwell in isolated pockets throughout Ansalon, a fact that many are thankful for. They are a short folk, usually the size of human children. Gnomes tend to have richly brown skin, white hair and blue or violet eyes. Males usually wear soft curly beards. Gnomes are short and stocky, but their movements are quick and their hands are deft and sure.

The gnomes of Krynn are widely known for their crackpot inventions which inevitably fail. Each gnome is given a "life quest" which they must complete in order to attain eternal happiness after death. None have yet succeeded. However, some gnomish inventions have purpose, for other tasks. The legendary "gnomeflinger" is just one strange invention of this busy and hard working race. They can still be found today, in Mount Nevermind.

All gnomes are quick witted, however they suffer from one major problem; they talk extremely fast, and are difficult to understand. Gnomish names tend to take one to two days to recite, depending on how much a gnome has accomplished in his life. Never the less, they are accepted upon Krynn, albeit mainly as the brunt of stories and jokes.

Classes Available to gnomes: Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Magic User

Alignment Restrictions: none

Gnome Key Attributes: Intelligence

Racial Bonus: Gnomes have a bonus to mental acuity, giving them a chance to cast spells without losing memorization.