Dark Knight

Dark knights serve the Dark Queen, Takhisis, in all her causes. They oppose paladins in combat and philosophy. They believe that life is a trial that tests them to the fullest. While many would not hesitate to stab a friend in the back, many do hold on to the concept of honor. They believe in domination and in survival of the strong. They take from the weak for they do not deserve it if they cannot defend it. They kill the ill so they do not take up valuable resources. They annihilate their enemies to keep them from ever being a challenge to them again. Due to their outlook on life, they are restricted to the evil alignment. Deviation from this alignment will result in the Dark Queen removing her favors. However, an evil cleric may atone a dark knight only once.

The dark knight has several skills and spells that help to maim and weaken an opponent. They have the innate ability to detect good creatures and they gain their goddess's blessing when fighting against the pure of heart. Altogether, a dark knight will make a formidable foe.

Strength and health are important attributes for dark knights. A dark knight also values wisdom to be able to determine the will of Takhisis, the dark queen.

Early Skills:

axes bludgeons disarm
drain long blades miscellaneous
piercers pole arms short blades
two-handed stance

Allowable Races: Human, Half-elf, Minotaur

Alignment Restrictions: Evil Lawful, Evil Chaotic, Evil Neutral

Paths: Upon reaching level 25, dark knights may join the Order of the Lily by performing a quest that will prove their value and dedication to the Dark Queen. Although embracing this path is optional, the benefits for doing so are extraordinary. As discipline is of paramount importance in the Order, only Lawful characters will be accepted; consider this carefully when you select your initial alignment.

Those interested should seek out Drogo Ja'ar and undertake a quest to prove both their skill and their dedication to the Dark Queen.