Tutorial: Part 3

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Once your character hits level 3, you can learn about your character's statistics. Your character stats are not initially known or visible when you type score.

To discover and reveal your character's stats, you can initiate a quest. To learn more about the quest, you can read the following story. To initiate the quest in the game, navigate North, West, Up, South from the Solace Square. Once there, listen man and he will tell you what to seek.


The wizened old man will present you with an empty beaker to fill with salt water. To find this salt water, start from the Solace Square and go 3 south, 2 east, 1 south. Then the command is fill beaker pond.

Fill Beaker

When you return with the filled beaker back to the wizened old man, the command is present beaker man he will send you to the next step in the quest which is to visit Master Theobald.


Master Theobald is located up north north west from the Solace Square. When you do the command display beaker theobald, he will give you instructions for the next part of the quest.

Display Beaker

When you visit Master Theobald, he instructs you to seek out a sprig. In order to get this sprig, we must first purchase shears from the weapon shop in Solace. Directions to the Solace weapon shop from the Solace Square are 2n w u.


Now that you have the shears, you can seek out this sprig of marjoram. To get the sprig of marjoram you must first find the bush. The bush is located 9 east and 2 north from Solace Square.

Prune Marjoram

Finally, we can return the sprig to Master Theobald in Solace. Use the command present sprig.

Present Sprig

Now we have the knowledge potion in hand. With this potion we can learn more about our character's stats. Use the command quaff potion to gain more knowledge about your character.

Quaff Potion

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