Tutorial Part 2

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As you start gaining more coins, experience, and gear. You may decide to change what equipment you're using. As a warrior, you start with a sword and a shield equipped. However, you can remove the shield and hold a short sword. To do so use the commands remove shield and grab short.sword. You can use this combination of remove, wear, or grab to equip different pieces of equipment.

Remove Equip

The benefit to using a short sword as an offhand weapon is to get an extra hit per round. So now, instead of 1 attack per round with a shield, you now do two attacks per combat round.

Two Hits

You can also purchase new weapons from the store in town. In Solace, the weapon shop is South, South, East from the Solace Square. To see what is available for sale, use the list command. Then to purchase, use the buy command. Then you can use remove and wield to equip a new weapon.

In the below example, we now possess two long swords. One is the original training long sword, and the other is the newly purchased sword. To differentiate between the two swords, we can prefix with the numeral 2., for example 2.long.sword.


Now that we've gotten a new sword, we can head back to the sewers. If you're lost at any time, you can use your guide to help navigate you back to the sewers. First, listen guide to get a description of available commands. In this case, we will use command guide sewers and that will make the guide illuminate a path for us.

Guide Sewers

To leave the game, you must find the nearest inn to rent. If you do not rent and instead type quit, you will drop all your gear on the ground. Thus, the next time you enter the game, your character will not have any equipment. From the Solace Square, the Solace Reception where you can rent is North, West, Up, Up.


Keep in mind, when you rent, your Solace guide stops following you. The next time you enter the game, you will be without the Solace guide. There are two places where you can get a new guide.

One is at the Solace Inn right when you log in. Or you can go to the Tourist Office.

In either case, the command for a new guide is say guide. From the Solace Square, to navigate to the Tourist Office, the directions are Up, Up, Up.

New Guide

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