Paladins are knights in the cause of good. They are men of combat, but live by the ideals of righteousness, justice, honesty, piety and chivalry. Their obedience and fealty are sworn not to a monarch, but to a deity of good. A Paladin must always be of good alignment. Should the paladin perform too many evil acts against those of his beliefs, he will lose his status as a paladin and the special skills (and spells) that he has become proficient in will become severely weakened. A paladin that has lost status will find it particularly difficult to advance. It is possible for paladin status to be regained through atonement.

The faith system (HELP FAITH) will give a paladin an indication of how he is seen in the eyes of the Gods of Light. A paladin will notice his skills diminishing as he fades further out of favor with the good Gods.

They have fighting skills similar to warriors in nature as well as a few spells granted to them by their deity. Their combined knowledge of might and magic gives them an advantage both in and out of battle. Paladins are able to detect evil creatures and objects (they will see a red aura). As a result of their dedication to the cause of good, paladins are often better in battle when doing battle against evil creatures.

Strength and health are important attributes for fighting.

Early Skills:

bludgeons lay long blades
miscellaneous piercers pole arms
rescue short blades two-handed
bandage shield block strike

Allowable Races: human half-elf dargonesti

Alignment Restrictions: Lawful Good

Paths: Upon reaching level 25, paladins may perform a quest that will allow them to join the ranks of the Knights of Solamnia. Although doing so is optional, the gains are extraordinary and every paladin should attempt to join.