Gully Dwarf

No two clans within Gully Dwarf society can agree upon one creation story of their race. Despised by all other races of Krynn and rejected by their cousins, Gully Dwarves have been driven into undesirable living conditions. They tend to materialize within abandoned ruins, swamplands, and refuse piles. Despite what others may think of these types of areas, Gully Dwarves have become quite accustomed to their living conditions, and, to them, a collection of especially rotten garbage is often considered prime real-estate.

Gully Dwarves are adept at redefining discarded items, creating homes, dinner tables and other furniture. Gully Dwarves have a skewed perspective on quality, even expecting other races to choose the resorts that they've constructed entirely of moldy boots as vacation spots.

Due to their living situations, Gully Dwarves are accustomed to colds and sore throats, as well as competing with scavenging creatures for the best banana peels, making them quite hearty. The time that most Gully Dwarves have spent sorting through trash heaps (and strangers' pockets) for the tastiest of morsels make their fingers quite nimble and dexterous; however, fumes from the areas they call home and the continued practice of incestuous marriage over generations have come to affect their brains, making them very dull in general.

Gully Dwarves are an exotic race.

Classes Available to gully dwarves: Barbarian, Warrior, Thief, Scout, Cleric, Shaman

Alignment Restrictions: Can only be of neutral alignments.

Key Attributes: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength

Racial Bonus: Gully Dwarves receive improved damage reduction